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Take one small step down Midland Road and discover To The Moon – another giant leap forward for Old Market’s bar scene and one of Bristol’s most noteworthy new hangouts.

It’s a place full of character where you’ll find reclaimed furniture, stunning wall murals painted by local artists and a bar-front pieced together with vintage copies of Rolling Stone magazine. There’s a great selection of delicious artisan cocktails and local craft beer to enjoy too (think Good Chemistry, Arbor & Dawkins).

Time here is best spent enjoying the space, chatting with friends, perusing the selection of local and sustainable fashion in the lounge area or kicking back in the blissful secret hideaway at the end of the bar (a room barely big enough for 6 people and a vintage Chesterfield sofa). Under a canopy of glass and bathed in natural moonlight, there’s surely no better night-time hideaway in Bristol.

We managed to bag a chat with Chris (the owner) and here is what we found out…

What’s the story behind how To the Moon came about?
My partner, Gemma, and I have been together for a number of years and we have always talked about running our own business – Gemma’s background is in fashion, and her dream has always been to run her own boutique. After coming up with a load of different ideas, we came up with the concept of a boutique offering: sustainable fashion products and a top-notch bar. We fell in love with Old Market as a location a couple of years ago and, after searching high and low for the perfect venue, we were lucky enough to find the ideal location for To The Moon. Now that we’re finally open, we couldn’t be happier!


What’s the best thing about doing what you do?
Apart from the obvious (being able to do your own thing) meeting people is the most fun part of To The Moon… we see different characters every day from all different walks of life. I love it.


What on your menu would you definitely recommend to a first-time customer? 
We hope to offer something for everyone with a good range of local drinks and tasty treats from further afield. We have worked particularly hard on getting an excellent cocktail menu together so would have to recommend one of those – the Bloody Mary has proven to be a real hit with the locals (maybe because of the amount of booze we put in it…).


What do you love most about Bristol?
Having lived in Bristol for 10-ish years, I can’t really imagine living anywhere else. It’s a pretty intimate city with a great diversity of people – the laid back vibe is what really makes it for me. Oh, and the amazing music scene – there’s something happening all the time… its really hard to beat.


What are your favourite independent places to grab a bite or slurp a cup of coffee in Bristol?
We struggle to get out now because we’re getting busier by the day (which isn’t such a bad thing!) – but our most recent find was Alex Does Coffee (just round the corner in Old Market). She’s only just started out, but almost everyone around here is already singing her (Alex’s) praises. For food, we have Tiffin Time on our doorstep. They do some really fantastic food with menus that change every week – I’d really recommend checking them out too.


And lastly, do you have any major plans for the future? 
Our next major plan is to get our boutique up and running. We’ve already selected some really interesting stock, so should be launching that in the next month or so – its really exciting!

We are also looking to start serving food in the not-too-distant future, perhaps with invitational pop-up kitchens and guest chefs. There’ll definitely be some pretty cool events, live music, DJs and general fun happenings on the horizon, so watch this space!

And that’s all from us, folks! If you’d like to follow To The Moon on social media, have a gander at the links below:

Facebook: /ToTheMoon/    Twitter: /ToTheMoon/
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