Spillages at Supper with Cuisine+Colour

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Bristol, City

Cuisine+Colour wants to change the way you confront, and engage, with food. How many times have you been told not to make a mess at dinner? To sit up straight and remove elbows from the table? Cuisine+Colour invite you and your family to experience communal dining in a different way, to forget table manners and restaurant rules.

Born from the creative collaboration of visual artists and Bristol-based chefs, Cuisine+Colour is a truly unique experience that will challenge dining etiquette. Following a sell-out event last summer, visual artist Sabrina Shirazi and her team will return to Camp Bestival once again for 2016.

This sit-down dinner will provide a space where accidental splashes and un-orchestrated spillages are welcome. It will unveil how food can be fun for everyone, from fussy eaters to adventurous foodies. This interactive experience will put a spotlight on food-based anxieties by encouraging participants to develop a positive and relaxed attitude to eating.


With this in mind, Cuisine+Colour will offer diners a chance to enjoy eating in an open and organic manner. Guests are under no obligation to eat with inhibition. Sit straight or slouch, use your fingers as forks. Paint the place mat red, orange and green. Let the tablecloth become your canvas. This is the chance to really make a meal of it.

Bring your family to this visual feast, and leave having learnt how to eat differently and forgo formality.

To find out more or book tickets to this year’s Camp Bestival event on the 29th and 30th July, visit the Camp Bestival Website or Brown Paper TicketsTo keep up to date with Cuisine+Colour and their future events across Bristol, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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