Wriggle & Pokemon Go – Catch ‘Em All

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If you’ve been out and about this past week, you may have bumped into (quite literally) one of the many budding Pokemon trainers trawling the streets of Brighton. If you haven’t heard any of the electro-buzz around Niantics smash hit game, Pokemon Go (available on Apple & Android devices), then who knows what rock-type you’ve been hiding under?

Here’s our guide to where to catch Pokemon in Brighton, and where to stop off for a Wriggle on your travels. 



  • There’s rumours around town that people have been finding a rare Pokemon on the pier. Clue: This Pokemon evolves from Magikarp. Be sure to look where you’re going when playing – that Pokemon isn’t worth actually falling in the sea for!
  • Head down to Marlborough Gardens and sit on the grass opposite Ye Olde King & Queen, and you’ll be able to enjoy goodies from the four Pokestops that are in range. We popped down on Wednesday lunch time and there were four lures on the go!
  • During lunch hours, you’ll often find lures in effect at The Level. Check out the Wriggle app and head to Smorls to save a few pounds on one of their amazing falafel salad boxes to enjoy while you play. Tip: Use a lucky egg here, and you’ll be ‘levelling’ up in next to no time.


  • You can grab the bounty from Pokestops at several of our partner venues as well: Grab a half price burger at Fountain Head and you’ll tap in to a couple. Sit outside at The Joker on Preston Road, enjoy one of their delicious Buffalo Chicken Burgers and you might even see three Pokestops! Check out The Cricketers and sit in the sun, try one of their pub classics with a drink, and pick up the nearby Pokestop treats.


To keep up to date with Pokemon tips, tricks and meet ups in Brighton, check out the Brighton Pokemon Go Facebook group here. There’s also a great event starting on Tuesdays down at Brewdog, where you can enjoy double/triple lures all evening – Check out the Facebook Event.

Catching Pokemon is hungry work, and you never know where it’s going to take you. We recommend that you get a Wriggle on and refuel when you’re out and about with one of Wriggle’s exclusive offers.

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