The Street Food Menu for Friday’s King Street Market

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Summer is upon us. Which means it’s perfect timing for a sequel to our King Street Party- together with our friends at Bristol Eats! Although we won’t be dedicating it to a birthday this time around, we will be celebrating our love for quality independents, good food and the city of Bristol.

Although we won’t be dedicating it to a birthday this time around (cheers to you Old Vic), we will be celebrating our love for quality independents, good food and the city of Bristol.

How? A barrage of food, music and a whole lot of Wriggling. Va Va Voom!

Put your game face on. Get that stomach nice and rumbly. And read on, for a preview of what you, you magnificent muncher, can expect to be sinking your teeth in tomorrow.


1. Gopal’s Curry Shack


Who: These guys offer up the most fantastic vegetarian and vegan Indian street-food. It’s vibrant, fresh, aromatic and seasonal food that’s lovingly prepared – and served up by the lovely Heather. Worth checking out if they’re setting up their stall near you!

What: A Wriggle favourite. Seasonal vegetable and coconut curry, Basmati rice, Tarka Dal, Carrot & Ginger Pickle, Minty Yogurt (vegan option available) and a pomegranate garnish.

Get that treat:


2. Wild and Rustic


Who: Wild & Rustic is a pop-up catering company based in the South West. With a passion for Wild Foods, they create culinary delights, inspired by the rural countryside and bring them to the city. They source Wild Venison and Game, working closely with The Real Cure Charcuterie Company and Deerstalkers from Dorset and Berkshire. Their Venison is better than free range; it’s wild. What’s more, the deer’s free-foraging, far-ranging, truly wild lifestyle makes it uniquely delicious and healthy.

What: A wild venison bay & garlic burger, served on a toasted double glazed brioche, organic wilted seasonal greens, caramelised red onion chutney, herb mayonnaise, oak smoked cheddar & dry cured smoked streaky bacon.

Get that treat:


3. The Pickled Brisket


Who: The Pickled Brisket is a Salt Beef Bar trading at street food markets and events in and around the South West. They sell a selection of hot salt beef sandwiches or platters and even do a veggie version.

What: The bullhorn is the flagship offering from the fine folks at The Pickled Brisket – it has sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, gherkins and melted Somerset cheddar.

Get that treat:


4. Ah-Ma’s Dumplings


Who: Ah-Ma’s takes traditional Cantonese dim sum and blends in fresh originality to bring you delicious culinary creations. All delicately handmade from scratch using the tastiest vegetables and locally-sourced free range meat.

What: Welcome to the “Full House” from Ah-Mas, at a special price for the Wriggle/Beats King Street Market today. Expect a selection of dumplings, bao and sides.

Get that treat:


5. The Little Taqueria


Who: These guys bring you a mouth-tingling taste of Mexico and Central America, with a mission to provide a more authentic range of delicious, fresh treats. Everything is made in-house, their delicious salsas, authentic Belizean frijoles, chunky guacamole, even their soft, gluten-free corn tortillas are freshly pressed each morning!

What: Top draw tacos in a top draw location. Choose one portion of 2 of TLT’s outstanding, freshly prepared tacos – with a range of options for both meat lovers and veggies. Make Thursday lunch an adventure.

Get that treat:


6. Pastilla House


Who: ‘’Pastillas are to the Moroccans what Cornish pasties and pork pies are to the British – and just as tasty!’’ Their pastillas are made using locally sourced fresh ingredients and make a well-balanced, healthy meal. Run by Soufian, who gained experience cooking at the major UK festivals with the renowned Leeds based Café Moor; this is an authentic Moroccan experience.

What: A hot, hearty and freshly prepared veggie pastilla. What’s a pastilla? Think of the Moroccan equivalent of a Cornish Pasty, and then some. Highly recommended.

Get that treat:


7. Scoff and Relish


Who: Scoff and Relish is a new street food business with a fresh approach to providing customers with healthy alternatives to the festival and event catering and street food market norms. With not a roll, flatbread or wrap in sight, Scoff and Relish make hearty soups, stews, salads and scones! Yes, Scones!

What: Introducing the fabulous Scoff & Relish – pick up a gourmet salad box with either Chicken Skewers or Grilled Halloumi served with a homemade savoury scone.

Get that treat:


8. Uchu Peru


Who: David Ruiz brings a taste of the finer things in Peru to Bristol – serving up classics with a twist, such as Ceviche and Causa (potato purée, yellow chilli and lime), Tataki tuna, avocado and purple corn & mayonnaise. This, is the whole point of street food; an introduction to dishes and cuisines which you can’t find in traditional restaurants – done with flair and passion.

What: A ChickenCausa? Think potato purée, yellow chilli and lime, grilled chicken, avocado and purple corn & mayonnaise. The real deal.

Get that treat:


9. Burger Theory


Who: Burger theory was founded by friends Rory Perriment and Oliver Thorogood, two very creative and enthusiastic burger chefs! In 2012 they started experimenting with different recipes and discovered there are hundreds of ways you can make a burger!

What: The best burgers in town? You’re the ultimate critic, so you’d better get down to Kongs and find out. Choose one of the following: The Cheese Theory, The Sheriff, The Blue Cow (recommended), The Don or the Prairie Girl. Veggie options included. All served with excellent fries.

Get that treat:


10. Famous Royal Navy Tavern


Who: They’re serious about food and drink. In a good way. Proud to stand up and promote products from across the British Isles and Ireland, quality smaller-scale breweries are favoured alongside local produce – finest cut meats are all sourced from within 7 miles, for example. Great for both a quick after work pint and for an intimate fine dining experience.

What: Hello Friday. Hello, King Street. Hello, Barbecue burger and any craft beer can from an impressive array of options. The perfect way to start your bank holiday weekend, and get stuck into the King Street festivities.


Get that treat:


11. Pepenero



What: Did someone say Street-Pizza? You’d better believe it. King-Street Pizza to be exact, from Pizza-Maestro Salv and his team at Pepenero. Any 2 freshly baked slices for a fiver in the open air – the perfect accompaniment to an evening out on the best street in Bristol.

Who: A family run Bristol institution, Salv and his team, have been producing excellent organic Italian goodies for years.  All their pizza bases, tomato sauce and vegetables are freshly made and organic. To prepare the whole range of ingredients, dairy, dairy free, any meat, or meat free, they use different utensils to avoid any cross-contamination in respect of any religion, ethical reasons, intolerance, or simply a lifestyle choice. Right on.

Get that treat:


And there it is my dear foodie friends.Now lay your favourite bib neatly folded on the table, ready for action. And we hope to see you tomorrow!

For more exciting stuff keep it locked on or check the Wriggle app!


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