The Ultimate England Bristol-Food-Scene XI

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It feels like it was 1847 when England last won a major trophy. But this Summer the Wriggle team, who are normally more Meatball-crazy than Football-mad, are getting just a little bit excited – so we’ve only gone and pulled together the ultimate England Bristol-Food-Scene XI. It’s got a strong and meaty spine, a dash of spice on the wings, a pair of bread kneading-safehands in goal. Basically, it’s got everything. With this line-up, we’re pretty much convinced that the 3 Lions (that’s the White Lion, the Lion of Cliftonwood and the Golden Lion) are going to lift the trophy.

Let us know if you’ve got any other squad-suggestions

food-scene copy.png


Terry VenaBell’s Diner

A more-than-fitting choice as leader of our Food-Scene squad. An iconic figure since back in 1996 (almost). Will he lead us to glory?



Joe Hart’s Bakery

The safest pair around for kneading bread and keeping-out goals. A fitting first name on the team sheet for our Food Scene XI

Robert Greens

The experienced Zetland Road campaigner is a more-than-worthy member of the squad.

Tim Flour & Ash

The 90s throwback gets a pizza the action. Could there be sweet-glory for this purveyor of sour-dough?



The Nathaniel Clyde Arms

A solid performer. A brick fortress of a right back. A Redland pub you can rely on.

Chris Smalling-Bar

A cultured centre-back with a fine range of beers (passes?). The only concern is that he tends to do things by 2/3rds. Will that be enough in the heat of battle, when everyone is expected to give 100%?

Ledley “Falafel” King

A famous and calming presence in the squad. Can he help the team wrap up the trophy? (no, we wouldn’t like Garlic Sauce and Tahini with that)

Brace & Wes Browns

The Whiteladies Restaurant with bottomless enthusiasm for victory and boozy brunches. That’s the spirit!

Danny Rosemarino

A touch of continental flair at wing back. The Wriggle team have decided that we would all like to be “Left Back” in Rosemarino

Soulfish Campbell

Nothing fishy about this selection. Poissonally, one of the first names on any team-sheet. Soulfish has fast become a towering presence on Gloucester Road.

Ashley Spicer & Cole

A squad member with a touch of quality. He’s a speciality coffee/left-back, who pops up all-over the place (Clifton Village, Gloucester Road, Queen Square for instance). Can he help this team to have their cake, and eat it?



Alex “The Ox”-lade Chamberlain

A meaty presence in midfield. Will he take this rare opportunity to perform when the steaks are high?

PapaDeli Alli

A very complete member of the squad. Fine range of food/passes. He can dribble just as well as he can drizzle olive-oil. A squad-player who brings the best out of those around him.

Aron Lennon’s Jewish Deli

A buzzing presence out-wide on Chandos Road. Plenty of chutzpah, but doesn’t like being left pickling on the bench.

Dennis Wisebeans Cafe

The steely core of the squad. Organic and wholesome – and a totally reliable presence at the heart of the squad

Ray Wilks

A legend amongst the squad – he’s received international plaudits, in particular winning the Ballon de Michelin. Can he lead our boys to further international glory?



Darren Bento-Boss

He’s the Don. By which we mean the Pork Katsu Don. A striker with a deadly eye in front of a goal. Darren Bento-Boss – take a Bao.

Wayne Roo Bar (captain)

This seasoned campaigner has been around the Bristol scene for years – and he’s certainly sports crazy. The great debate – should he be in the team? We certainly think so.

River Walcottage

Slow food at pace. A real class act amongst footballers; strong values with everyman appeal. Can he control the ball, though?


So – can our boys overcome (the Prince of) Wales. Will (the Rose of) Denmark be too strong? Can our heroes overcome the Tiki Taka Taka style of Spain?

Think this blog-post is all-over? It is now

Send us in any other Bristol Food-Scene suggestions and we’ll add them in as we go!

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