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A very Happy Birthday to The Bristol Old Vic! You never forget your 250th. Especially since Bristol Eats and Wriggle (that’s us) are gonna be bringing a feast for the ages, turning the festivities up to eleven!

Put your game face on. Get that stomach nice and rumbly. And read on, for a preview of what you, you fabulous foodie, can expect to be sinking your teeth in tomorrow. 


1. The Pickled Brisket


Who: The Pickled Brisket is a Salt Beef Bar trading at street food markets and events in and around the South West. They sell a selection of hot salt beef sandwiches or platters and even do a veggie version.

What: The bullhorn is the flagship offering from the fine folks at The Pickled Brisket – it has sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, gherkins and melted Somerset cheddar.

Get that treat:


2. Wild & Rustic


Who: Wild & Rustic is a pop-up catering company based in the South West. With a passion for Wild Foods they create culinary delights, inspired by the rural countryside and bring them to the city. They source Wild Venison and Game, working closely with The Real Cure Charcuterie Company and Deerstalkers from Dorset and Berkshire. Their Venison is better than free range; it’s wild. What’s more, the deer’s free-foraging, far-ranging, truly wild lifestyle makes it uniquely delicious and healthy.

What: A wild venison bay & garlic burger, served in a toasted double glazed brioche, organic wilted seasonal greens, caramelised red onion chutney, herb mayonnaise, oak smoked cheddar & dry cure smoked streaky bacon.

Get that treat:


3. Eatchu


Who: Guy and Victoria returned from Japan with a passion for Japanese street food. Expect Handmade Japanese Gyoza, served at markets & festivals in Bristol and the South West. The gyoza are steamed then fried on location, ensuring absolute freshness, and served with soy and rice wine vinegar dipping sauce.

What: Get two portions of delicious handmade gyoza . Choose between traditional Pork & Chive, vegan Spinach & Tofu, or their brand new filling – Chicken & Nori Butter!

Get that treat:

4. Viet Vite


Who: Viet Vite was born out of a love of Asian Street Food and is based on Vietnamese classics with a twist. Their food is both healthy and tasty in a unique way and can be finished off to one’s own preference with a choice of salads, dips and garnishes.

What: Real deal Vietnamese street food. Bún chả is a dish of grilled pork and noodles, which is thought to have originated from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce.

Get that treat:


5. Moorish


Who: Moorish create moveable Moorish feasts and flatbreads using the best seasonal, local and where possible, organic British ingredients. They travel to festivals, cook at markets and cater for parties, with flatbreads to go or feasts for sharing. They also travel round in their miniature piaggio prosecco bar with built in prosecco tap, so we can pull up and you can pour yourself a glass or two.

What: Any of the fabulous Moorish flatbreads – packed with a selection of authentic and fresh ingredients – highly recommended by the Wriggle team.

Get that treat:


6. La Bonne Crepe


Who: La Bonne Crepe is a traditional, artisanal creperie based in Bristol. They make authentic and tasty crepes with a smile and share a good time with their customers.

What: Galettes are savoury crepes made with Organic buckwheat flour, they are wheat/dairy and gluten free. Choose between: La Classique: Free Range Egg, Cheddar and Ham or The Popeye: Fresh Spinach, Red Onion and Cheddar.

Get that treat:


7. Vee Double Moo


Who: Join Vee Double Moo at locations around Bristol, for grown up soft serve ice cream served from our fleet of retro VW campers and ice cream trikes. Cool vanilla ice cream fused with locally sourced ingredients and homemade touches. Special Cones with homemade brownie pieces, Salted caramel and banana cup, San Francisco hot fudge sundaes, Ice cream sandwiches with ginger and lemon curd …….and more!

What: Choose from The Traditional aka the 99, The Special (mix it up with inclusions and toppings your style) or The Nutella cone – a waffle cone lined with Nutella, filled with the best-darned vanilla soft serve you’ve ever had and topped with salted caramel or dark chocolate sauce and chopped nuts.

Get that treat:


8. Rolling Italy

Rolling italy

Who:  From Parma to Palermo, Rolling Italy conjure up the authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Expect hand-made pasta, rich sauces and sensational coffee, obviously.

What: Seek out James at his lovely little Piaggio-based coffee machine for any expertly prepared speciality coffee and a slice of his homemade cake – just what you need to keep you keeping on.

Get that treat:


9.  The Little Taqueria


Who:  These guys bring you a mouth-tingling taste of Mexico and Central America, with a mission to provide a more authentic range of delicious, fresh treats. Everything is made in-house, their delicious salsas, authentic Belizean frijoles, chunky guacamole, even their soft, gluten-free corn tortillas are freshly pressed each morning!

What:  Top draw tacos in a top draw location. Choose any 2 of TLT’s outstanding, freshly prepared tacos – with a range of options for both meat lovers and veggies.

Get that treat:


10. Ah-Ma’s Dumplings


Who: Ah-Ma’s takes traditional Cantonese dim sum and blends in fresh originality to bring you delicious culinary creations. All delicately handmade from scratch using the tastiest vegetables and locally-sourced free range meat.

What: Welcome to the “Full House” from Ah-Mas, at a special price for the Wriggle/Beats King Street Market today. Expect a selection of dumplings, bao and sides.

Get that treat:



And there it is my dear foodie friends.Now lay your favourite bib neatly folded on the table, ready for action. And we hope to see you tomorrow!


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