4 of Brighton’s Best Veggie Food

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I am by no means a vegetarian. In fact, burgers, steaks and chicken tenders all have a very comfortable place in my diet.

However, the negative impact that the meat industry has, has made me more aware of how much meat I eat and that we could all probably do with a little less aching for the bacon.

Eating less meat is one small step for a man, and a giant leap for mankind (or at least towards a more sustainable food industry).

Luckily, there is an overload of independents offering lovely veggie and vegan cooking that effectively tantalize the taste-buds of even the biggest meat enthusiast.

Allow us to guide you into a world of green gastronomic delight.

1. V Bites

v-bitesThe dishes this place offer amaze veggies, vegans and meatlovers alike. They serve anything from breakfasts, burgers, wraps, & cafe classics and it’s all 100% vegan. Remember the chicken tenders? Try a fully vegan Chicken and Coleslaw Sandwich!

Find it: 14 East Street,  Bn1 1hp

2. Smorls


Houmous where the heart is. Smorls Houmous Falafel & Salad Bar located in the Brighton Open Market offers a bang on houmous and falafel lunch box made from home made and locally sourced ingredients.

Even better: All of the food is strictly vegetarian (including any cheeses used) and they also cater for Vegan and Gluten Free diets!

Find it: 1-4 Marshalls Row, BN1 4JU

3. Fiddler’s Elbow


While this gem is not exclusively veggie they do offer a wonderful veggie sharing platter (although gorging it down yourself is always an option). This crazy combo includes Brighton Sausage Co. Veggie Sausages, Grilled Halloumi, Beer Battered Onion Rings, French Fries, Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Breads, Side Salad and Dips.

Find it: 11-12 Boyces St, BN1 1AN

4. La La’s Cafe


Burgers will always have a sweet spot in my heart. That’s why it’s perfect that La La’s Cafe makes some superb handmade veggie burgers. Their menu is loaded with a bunch of veggie and vegan options, from halloumi sandwiches to one of their famous salads.

Definitely worth checking out!

Find it: 81 George Street, BN3 3YE


Join the Veggie Club to discover even more veggie delights in Brighton and beyond. Sign up here. Join the falafel friends!

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