Alternative London: #5 The Heron Thai

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The Thai inspired food scene in London has been a bit of a mixed bag and in the past, authentic flavours and spices seemed to be very hit and miss. However, that’s all changing. Thai food is reaching a new greatness within the city and if you’re into Thai food or want to give it another chance, it’s a great time to start trying more places. #5 in our Alternative London guides takes us to a truly hidden gem: The Heron Thai.

The Heron Thai is a diamond in the rough. From the outside, The Heron might looks like an old boozer, but the Thai food being cooked within is a class above. Wriggle came across it through our contacts at another delicious Thai restaurant – they told us to eat here as it’s got the most delectable, authentic Thai cooking going on this side of Bangkok. And there’s been great reviews elsewhere. For example, Suitcase Mag claimed that it reminds many Thai customers of home due to its authentic use of spices. But the highest honour comes from The Telegraph which states that it’s the best British Thai restaurant they’ve tried in more than a decade of searching. High praise indeed. So we took their advice – we came, we ate and we seriously loved it. It’s a worthy pilgrimage.



Wriggle Recommends: Their menu changes regularly but give the Tom Yum Goong a try if you see it – Sour and Spicy Prawn Soup, Sweet Chilli Relish and coconut milk. Rich and sweet but packs a strong kick. Oh, and their sesame toast is a pretty great place to start too.

Where to find: Norfolk Cres., London W2 2DN



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