Celebrities Who Could Use A Better Lunch

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We’re constantly fed stories of celebrities with infamously regimented diets by the media, but some of them are actually pretty unbelievable. Below is a list of those whose bizarre eating habits could definitely be replaced with a Better Lunch!

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is a big fan of baby food… Excuse me? Yeah you heard… Apparently she replaces breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food. Check them out next time you’re in the supermarket: mini jars of puréed roast dinners, cauliflower cheese, beef stew… the range of options is pretty impressive. Someone out there is cooking up some perfectly tasty meals…and then blending them into mush. Appetising.



So rumour has it Madonna swears by the ‘air diet’… pretty much does what it says on the tin. Oh but it gets worse, this diet involves actually preparing the food, putting it on your plate, placing a tender morsel on your fork, holding it up to your mouth… *mmm this smells great*… and then YOU DON’T EAT IT. Maybe that’s why she was blown off the stage…


Mark Zuckerberg

The good old ‘eat-what-I-kill’ diet: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once made it his personal challenge to only eat what he’d killed himself. Clearly his high power job left him little time to go hunting (might have proved tricky what with him living in urban California anyway), so he basically just became a vegetarian. Sounds to me like Zuckerberg could have done with someone hunting for local independent restaurants for him.


Credit: Gawker

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs ate the same type of food for weeks at a time. He believed that a restrictive, vegan diet cleansed his body, leaving him free from body odor and therefore allowing him to shower less often. He was particularly partial to carrots and apples, and those who worked with him claim his tendency to chomp on these alone caused him to develop a ‘sunset-like hue’. “Luckily” the rest of us aren’t all CEO’s of multi-billion pound corporations… or robots… so we can mix our diet up a bit. And it’s things like the Better Lunch Project which manage that for us, even when you’re super busy at work.


You just thought that was a really sweet tan didn’t you?

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