3 Halloween Cocktails You Must Try

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Halloween is not just for children, goths and our American cousins. It’s also an excuse for the rest of us to get drunk in a hastily put together costume at a house party surrounded by cats, witches, mummies and the odd V for Vendetta mask (throw that guy out, i implore you).

I teamed up with Her Majesties Secret Service over on Whiteladies Road to create some spooky cocktails you can make at home. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll call the whole thing off and pop over and get a professional to make it for you; at least you’re going to get some flair for your money and you’re less likely to get that creepy guy in the rubber horse mask asking for your number.


The Scarebucks – Spiced pumpkin espresso. Best enjoyed dressed as “Basic Becky” or “Dude bro”

25ml vodka

25ml coffee liqueur

25ml instant coffee mix

2 heaped tea spoons of pumpkin purée

Pinch of ground nutmeg

Pinch of clove

Churned up inside of a stolen Starbucks paper cup!

1 toasted cinnamon stick to garnish

– add vanilla syrup to taste

Pumpkin Head Punch

Pumpkin Bellini – Best enjoyed dressed as the zombie of Giovanni Bellini (whom the cocktail is named after)

20ml of pumpkin purée

A pinch of Maldon sea salt

10ml sugar syrup

Top with 125ml of dry prosecco

Give a mix with the leg of a toad and enjoy.Pumpkin

Pumpkin Head Punch – Best enjoyed dressed as a pumpkin of course…

40ml spiced rum

40ml ginger beer

10ml fresh lime juice

2 heaped tea spoons of pumpkin purée

4 dash of angostura bitters

Stirred down inside of a hollowed pumpkin head

As this is a punch you can increase for the amount of guests attending.


Charlie is a legitimate expert on Bristol’s food and drink scene. In her spare time she dabbles in the blogging world, cooking up good, honest reviews of bars and restaurants as well as experimenting with a variety of recipes. If you’re looking for an Autumnal treat to supplement your cocktails, check out her Pumpkin and Cheese Scones

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