Things are about to get Durty

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If you like your food fresh, seasonal and as locally sourced as possible then the latest pop-up to hit Bristol this week is sure to tempt your tastebuds. Durty Gurties Dining Room promises all of the above and more. We had a quick chat with Dan Pudsey to find out all about this exciting family affair.

Hey Dan. How’s it going? Couldn’t be better, thank you.

You’re hosting a pop-up this week right? Can you tell us a bit more? You are right. It’s Durty Gurties Dining Room – a locally sourced menu to feed anyone and everyone, regardless of medical conditions, intolerances, ethical choices or pickiness. And what goes hand in hand with food? Fancy cocktails. There will be plenty of them. You’ll find us at 123 Space in Stokes Croft between 28th – 31st October.

Where did the idea come from to launch your own pop-up? There were drinks. And food. And magic happened.

What about the name – what made you think of that? Well, it was a family effort. We wanted it to sound Bristolian, hence the Gurt… but it’s in Stokes Croft, hence the Durt.

Who’s involved in things behind the scenes? The Pudsey familia and a hoard of friends I’ve charmed / blackmailed / tricked into helping.


The menu changes daily right? Yep – we didn’t want to bore all the hardcore Gurties fans that have booked to come every night.

You’ve got a sample menu up on your website, which looks damn good. It’s definitely a very conscious looking menu with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan options and more included. What’s the story behind the menus you’re making? Why thank you. We thought it’d be really nice to offer food that doesn’t exclude anyone. I know what it’s like to go out & be faced with a sea of delicious things you can’t eat. I live in a house with vegetarians, coeliacs, IBS sufferers and lactose intolerant people. I know, I know, it sounds horrendous. But actually, finding ways to make good food with all those limitations is great. It makes you work harder and be more inventive. And with great food, comes great praise, which is an added bonus.

We really like the total miles the food has travelled too. Is keeping things as local as possible an important part of your own food culture? Sure is. My dad has an allotment so I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up eating seasonal, local food and I think it’s only right to impart that joy onto others.

How did you go about sourcing food and putting menus together? It’s a complicated process involving taste tests, blindfolds and digging. We really can’t say anymore.


Do you know exactly what the menu for each meal is going to be or is that a bit of a secret? Can we have any sneak previews? Four words: Pig’s head scotch egg.

Are there any restaurants, bar, cafes etc that have inspired Durty Gurties? If Bell’s Diner, The Canteen & Poco had a baby, reared it in the west country and made it really good at mixing drinks – you may have Durty Gurties.

How can people book a space? Just call 0117 9421 478 or email

Anything else you’d like to add? Dressing up is essential for entry on hallowe’en night…



If you’re interested in finding out more about Durty Gurties, head over to their Website, Twitter or Facebook. Keep a close eye on Wriggle for exclusive offers during the pop up. Stay Durty. 

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