Why I’m Crying Over Turquoise Fizzy Spilt Milk

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All this crying over spilt milk and Japanese cereal flakes at the Cereal Killer Cafe has left me confused. Cereal Killer, as an independent business selling food with an imaginative gimmick, is just the sort of place we might feature on Wriggle. Our mission is to try and keep the highstreet less homogenous in the face of chains and developments – so the whole affair sits uncomfortably with me; and it begs the question about what Wriggle does, who we work with and why. Are we in fact fluffers of gentrification and trumpeters of identikit-executive developments?

In a Victor Meldrew way I can understand why Cereal Killer Cafe might wind people up. I personally haven’t felt the desire to queue for some nice cornflakes that’ll turn my milk turquoise and fizzy. Surely though, the playfulness and imagination of Shoreditch and East London’s food scene is something to be proud of?

Image Courtesy of Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian

Image Courtesy of Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian

We should be proud of flirty food if it’s created with as much passion and ambition as Cereal Killer and many of the recommendations we’ve promoted on Wriggle. They are barmy, surreal and beautiful in their insistence on trying to be unique.  Wriggle is designed to help our customers discover great local establishments, whether it’s the archetypal neighbourhood restaurant or local caff, or the hipster burger (or cereal!) joint that is passionate about what they do. In short, we help quality local businesses get the customers they deserve and you to enjoy a great experience and avoid going to yet another chain.

I can’t see that places like Cereal Killer aren’t adding to their communities even if their overheads make them expensive. It’s housing and taxation which is the problem here. So let’s not get distracted from celebrating the brilliance and madcap deliciousness of Shoreditch, London, and the UK’s food & drink scene.

Image Courtesy of Ray Tang/Rex Shutterstock

Image Courtesy of Ray Tang/Rex Shutterstock

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