The 1.N.1 Project: When Fashion Meets Food


When we heard about the launch of the 1.N.1 Project on Paul Street, we got pretty excited. It’s a style concept store hosting a wealth of emerging artists and designers, but what makes it that little bit more special is the collaboration of fashion & food; sure we can all go in and get fresh new looks (the sunglasses most definitely caught our gaze), but it’s also the place to grab fresh sourdough pizza, packed full of authentic flavours. As they reach into their final month of residency, we caught up with Martina & Andrea to find out what inspired them to open the doors to the 1.N.1 Project.

Hey Martina & Andrea. How’s it going? Hey! Very good, thanks!

Tell us about 1.N.1 Project. What’s it all about? 1.N.1 Project is a lifestyle concept store. Fashion, Pizza ‘n’ Art all in the same space! The aim of the fashion and art part is to help sustain emerging designers and artists, giving them space to showcase their amazing creations. The pizza side of things is based on an authentic Italian recipe from our chef Andrea; they’re made with sourdough and are completely natural and super fresh!

When did the 1.N.1 Project first open? We opened on the 8th June. We’re a pop up shop and unfortunately this is our last month but we’ll definitely be back soon!

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Where did the concept for the shop come from? The idea came about by collaborating our main passions. I [Martina] am into fashion and Andrea is really into food. We thought it would be cool to merge two seemingly different passions and they’ve become a great pair: the eye-catching pizzas compliment the colours in the store exceptionally well – it’s a great marriage!

Has fashion always been a big part of your life? Yes definitely. I’ve been interested in it since I was a child. I grew up reading a lot of fashion magazines and always dreamt of working in a fashion business. I went on to study Fashion Communication at University at the IED in Milan and this made me realise that I wanted to draw focus on emerging designers and help their ideas become sustainable. As a result, the 1.N.1 project was born!

How do you find designers to stock? I visit a lot of designer fairs and collect the business cards of the designers that catch my eye. Then I research them online to see what they’re all about.

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We really dig the style of the place. Where did the inspiration for the design come from? I’m really into vintage furniture so I wanted to include this style into the place. The result is a mixture of vintage pieces, such as my 60’s coffee table with modern furnishings made from recycled material.

When did you first meet Andrea & how did you come to combine fashion & pizza? Andrea is my boyfriend. We met each other 5 years ago in Italy (my best friend and his best friend are a couple so they introduced us), and we decided to come to London to experience what life would be like here. We found out about pop up shops here and thought it would be really cool to open one of our own. The main idea was to work together and going down the pop up route seemed like the best way to explore our passions together.

What’s your favourite pizza topping he’s served? Definitely the Italian Buffalo mozzarella!

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When you’re not at 1.N.1 Project, where do you head to in London to unwind? I love to wander through small side streets and discover new places. The last place that caught my eyes was this really cool concept store called Showroom Shoreditch.

Finally, what’s in store for 1.N.1 Project in the future or for yourself? We’ll be opening a new pop up store very soon! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out more.


You’ll find the 1.N.1 Project at 70 Paul St., London until the end of the month (August 2015), so make sure you get down there & say hi!

If you want to know more about the 1.N.1 Project, you can find them on Facebook or give them a follow on Twitter.

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