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The next Eat.Drink.Dance event is just round the corner; in fact, it’s only days away until the likes of the Mighty Food Fight, Gopal’s Curry Shack & Vee Double Moo will roll up to Motion for what’s sure to be a hub of local food, drink & live music. Ahead of the event we caught up with Ursula Hutchinson, from creative agency Konichiwa PR – which champions independent and local businesses and startups – as well as an organiser for Eat Drink Dance.

  1. Hey Ursula. How’s it going? Hi! Good thank you, currently working from home, with a nice cup of Amazonian Chai from Mr Tea’s Teas. Good on a rainy day like today!
  2. What’s Eat.Drink.Dance all about & when did it launch? Eat.Drink.Dance. is a social gathering and multi-purpose event which extends the concept of a night market into an immersive experience. Predominantly a street food market encompassing local street food traders, it combines bars and local breweries, installations, pop-ups, art, workshops, music and an independent market. For our next event we are collaborating with Bristol Eats, Motion and Konichiwa PR, hoping to attract a crowd of all ages who wanting to enjoy good quality food, drink and art formed by the local community. We created this model as we believe this is what night markets are about, creating a buzz and bringing people together over exciting, great quality food, music and art.
  3. Last year’s event was based in The Island right? How did it go? I did 3 markets last year at The Island; well two last year and the first one was back in December 2013. They all went down far better than I could have imagined; the Island courtyard was lit up at night-time with festoon and filled with local art and talent – it really came to life. Our first event Christmas Market in December attracted a footfall of up to 600 people, and stayed busy throughout the night – with all our street-food vendors selling out! The second event was our easter event which was Chocolate themed, and our June event was an Eco themed event as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week. Unfortunately we couldn’t continue the events there this year, as changes are taking place in the courtyard and because there was planned building works, so we had to look for a new home.11817231_10153420096214360_917061518190053847_n
  4. This year Eat.Drink.Dance is setting up at Motion. How do you go about selecting the venues? The EDD mission was always to create a regular social event bringing abandoned buildings or outdoor spaces to life by creating a festival atmosphere, which people can soak up in the space of a day or evening. We try and use spaces or work with venues who want to make use of a redundant outdoor section or want to use a space in a different way. We wanted to work with Motion because they have just opened up a new area of the courtyard that was once used as storage. This created a very interesting area for EDD to utilise, such as an indoor warehouse, stage and bar area. We’re really excited about this collaboration and to see just how EDD will look in the new space!
  5. This is a great event to celebrate the local street food scene. What traders are heading down to the event? Who do you recommend? We’re excited to be collaborating with award winning street-food collective Bristol Eats. This includes an amazing array of traders including Viet Vite, Rolling Italy, Gopal’s Curry Shack, Moorish, The Mighty Food Fight, Ah-Ma’s Dumplings, Vee Double Moo, the Little Taqueria and we have one more special guest to announce! Its really hard to pick one trader, but I’m personally a real fan of The Mighty Food Fight’s donuts – but they don’t really need an introduction! Otherwise, my Asian roots cannot deny a good dumpling, and that’s what Ah-Ma’s does best and Viet Vite do tasty vietnamese Banh Mi. By the way – it’s lunch-time and this is making me hungry so I’m going to stop! But we’re really pleased with the line-up; the traders for this event really represent flavours from all over the globe, leaving the punters spoilt for choice.
  6. How can local street food traders get involved with future events? Most members are from Bristol Eats collective but we do often have guest slots! People who have a passion in food really, which is reflected in food and menu and an attractive curb side appeal. Anyone can apply to The Bristol Eats collective via their website.CI1JOXdXAAAyzgq
  7. We’re big fans of Babyhead. How did you go about selecting the music for the night? This is where Motion comes in. They do the music bookings and selected Babyhead because we wanted a local band to fit in with the EDD ethos, and this was also a winner with most! There’s also DJs Amo and J. Morrison along with the EDD resident DJs. Batala Bristol have also just been added to the lineup – a 40 piece Brazilian Samba Reggae street drumming collective!
  8. What are you most looking forward to about the event? Anything you can recommend people should check out? Aside from the great quality food and craft beer, don’t miss the Bristol Bazaar Market, who will be hosting local arts, crafts and fashion traders as well as workshops in the warehouse. Traders include the likes of Neat Frontage, The Mute Collective and Featherheads. We’ll also have a Hackney Cab photo-booth, and various entertainers and performers throughout the day!IMG_5622
  9. What can we expect to see from Eat.Drink.Dance in the future? Any plans set on the horizon? We hope the event at Motion is a real success in which case we’ll continue doing them bi-monthly, and at the least another Christmas special (with a special theme we have in mind!) so watch this space.


To find out more about the next Eat.Drink.Dance event, head on over to the Facebook event page. Stay in the loop with Ursula & the gang by following them on Twitter, or giving them a big thumbs up on Facebook.

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