Meet the Mother Clucker

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If you’re a fried chicken fan dwelling in London then you’ve more than likely heard of Mother Clucker based in Shoreditch. Why? Well because their tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken is probably the best in town. Over the last few weeks they’ve been stealing the show on Wriggle with exclusive offers galore, so we couldn’t resist grabbing them for a chat. We spoke to their man Ross to find out what makes them cluck.

What inspired the design/style of Mother Clucker? It started as a well informed Joke. Brittney is from New Orleans and was bored of eating shitty fried chicken so she made her own recipe inspired by her home. I said we should sell it and at first she said no, but as soon as I said we should call it ‘Mother Clucker’ she had to jump on board.

Before working at Mother Clucker, what was the most unusual job you’ve ever had? I used to play drums for people. I went on tour in Japan and that was weird. Really cool, but really weird. I guess that was my ‘job’ so that’s unusual i suppose.

11147232_698351466959478_3725236679292264244_n ross mc

What plans do you have for Mother Clucker in the future? Have enough shops that everyone can come get clucked up whenever they want!

When you’re not busy, where do you hang out? Anywhere we should be checking out? Usually having a pint at the Beagle in Hoxton, or scrounging food off our friends at Street Feast.


Keep an eye on Wriggle for exclusive offers at Mother Clucker each week.

Want to find out more about the Mother Clucker crew? Head on over to their website or check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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