Wriggle Review: A Success Story

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We love to hear from our Wrigglers. From opening the app to finishing that last glass of wine, it’s great find out how individuals find the whole experience. Now and again we get a right gem in our inbox about a Wriggler’s experience; this one comes from Aimee of Fab Bristol Foodie.

On Sunday Evening, my boyfriend and I spotted The Burger Joint on Wriggle –  2 Burgers, 2 Sides and 2 Sauces for £12.50. For only £6.25 each, we thought that was pretty amazing!

Claiming the deal from the app is so easy; you simply click ‘Book Now’, confirm how many deals you want and chuck in some card details. The design of the app also makes it very easy to navigate through the daily offers showing you exactly where they are, exactly how many are left to purchase (as they are limited – which only makes them more special!) and also the time left to claim the deal.

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The Burger Joint itself is warm and friendly with the most delicious food. Yes, the decor is a little rustic but the staff were very helpful and the food was amazing – I understand why in 2013 The Burger Joint won the Bristol Food Award for Best Burger!

With a variety of burgers made from top-quality ingredients, I chose the Lamb and Mint Burger, with Tzatziki sauce and Sweet Potato Wedges on a soft glazed brioche bun – I even paid a little extra for a blue cheese topping. The flavour was strong and the burger was soft, succulent and cooked to perfection. The Sweet Potato wedges were amazingly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Fantastic combination and exceptionally tasty.

In short, I can’t wait to return here – all thanks to Wriggle. As a student, Wriggle is a perfect App to find great deals at local restaurants and cafes, and I would highly recommend all students download it today!


Aimee is a second year student at the University of Bristol studying Classical Studies. Originally hailing from Manchester, she’s dived head-first into the Bristol food scene exploring the vast array of restaurants the city hosts, as well as being part of the UOB Cheese Society. She explores her passion for food and drinks on her blog – Fab Bristol Foodie – where she reviews every place she visits both in Bristol and Manchester. Go check it out and give her blog a follow.
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Wriggle | Award-winning app for food drink and fun in Bristol, Brighton & London.

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