Getting into the Wriggle Rhythm

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Part of a Wriggler’s life is trying out new places so we know the venues on the app are of the highest quality. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it right? Last week, Stefan joined the Wriggle team as our newest intern in London. The initiation: get a wriggle on of course. Stefan tells us all about his first ever Wriggle experience at Rhythm Factory.

As a new intern at Wriggle I couldn’t wait to try out one of the many bars and restaurants on the app; from burger joints such as Smokey Bandit to cocktails at Betty’s Coffee, working for Wriggle leaves you pretty spoilt for choice . Our marketing guy, Petter, suggested we should go and check out Rhythm Factory, a brand new addition to the app. I clicked on the app to check out the offer – thai main, spring rolls & a drink seemed like the perfect lunch option. For only £7.25 it meant I could eat out in London for a lot cheaper and hopefully be a nice Thai meal richer! So, as soon as Petter’s stomach started to growl, we hit the streets in search of Rhythm Factory.

Being new to London, it’s always tricky to work my way through winding roads and get used to different surroundings – for a start, the cars driving on the wrong side of the road can be quite confusing! We followed Wriggle’s in app map and after a 10-minute walk we arrived at the restaurant. As soon as we arrived, we grabbed a seat, picked up a menu and ordered a few drinks. After scanning the menu we went for the two dishes below:


The deal also included five vegetable springs rolls but Petter liked them so much it was near impossible to get a photo of them before he ate them all.


Great food for a great price. I definitely recommend Rhythm Factory – it’s a must visit for any Wriggler.


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