How to get Wriggle Wrich – A quick guide for how to go nuts with Wriggle’s referral program.

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Many of you Wrigglers out there have already found out how to eat and drink for even less with Wriggle by sharing your unique referral code with other people. Yes, it’s true, by giving that little code to a friend, they get £3 off their first purchase. Once they book, you get £3 credit too.

For those of you who haven’t, don’t worry, it’s not too late – but you need to get cracking before your friends get referred by some other Wriggle hotshot. So, to help you get started, our Swedish Head of Doodles has created a step-by-step guide: Here’s how to get Wriggle Wrich:


Sounds, good, right? And here’s how you find your unique Wriggle code.

A couple of more things that might be good to know:

  • You can give your code to as many people as you like, no limit!
  • The code only works for first time users. This means that if you give your code to someone who has already used Wriggle, it won’t work. (Sorry about that)
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