A Little App with a Big Mission

Bristol, London

Last Friday, over a few beers, we had an end-of-week meeting to discuss Wriggle’s values. It was amazing to hear just how strongly each and every member of the team felt about encouraging our Wrigglers to spend locally and support independent businesses. And a reminder to myself, as the Founder, about how important it is to uphold these values. They are the glue that binds the company together, and what makes people want to be part of Wriggle – whether as a punter or a business.

To reinforce our values, I thought I’d pen a quick post on what I believe the two key principles behind Wriggle are, and how that fits in with the larger scale vision… Here goes!

1. Supporting Independent

We want to encourage Wrigglers to spend locally – it’s as simple as that. A theme that crops up regularly in the team is the concept of “levelling-the-playing-field” – helping great small businesses, who often lack the time, funds or man-power to promote themselves in order to reach the audience they deserve.

We only work with independent businesses – our aim being to provide our users the best that their local area has to offer, and champion those whose lives are their jobs and whose jobs are their passion. We believe in this because spending local promotes character and personality in our cities and high streets, and because it boosts the local economy.

We also feel proud to introduce people to those hidden gems that we love and know they’ll love too – it’s no fun introducing someone to a high-street chain, is it?



2. Reducing Waste:

Before Wriggle even existed, I entered a startup weekend competition armed only with an idea – to help businesses reduce waste by selling food at a reduced price before it hit the bin.

Whilst we’ve since broadened the concept to help small-businesses fill empty tables or seats as well, the food-waste reduction remains a key aspect of what we do – and it’s something we want to do more-and-more of.

Kit arrived at Wriggle to lead our London launch from the governmental group Love Food Hate Waste – and our team includes former Food Cycle and Soil Association employees – so it’s a theme that runs throughout.

Only this weekend we had amazing feedback from the Bristol pop-up Pretentious Burgers – who reported back to us on the amount of potential wastage we helped them to sell (something not every business is willing or able to do). Music to our ears!



The Yurt Lush, Bristol

The Vision

So how do these two values fit with the long-term plan for Wriggle? Wriggle’s vision is to be a trusted network of brilliant local businesses, who can use our platform to reach new customers at the very last-moment. Each Wriggle will be a personal invitation from a handpicked independent business – to try somewhere new, save money and support a local business, in one spontaneous moment.  For the business, it will allow them to be more efficient, get more customers and benefit the environment by reducing waste.

Wriggle’s world is a local world – creating a perfect balance between benefiting local business and our lucky Wrigglers! We aim to communicate directly with the right customers at the right time, offering customers the opportunity to sample great local-places for less. Wriggle will help our businesses reduce wastage and work as efficiently as possible – Wriggle listings will help them reach full-capacity – at the same time as promoting them as the finest local businesses in their neighbourhood.

Sounds good, right? So how’s it going to happen? To achieve this, we’ll be looking to our audience to talk to us about what they want to see on Wriggle. We know, as we grow, it’ll be hard to handpick local businesses in the same way we have in Bristol (we can’t possibly replicate the amount of amazing eating and drinking we’ve done in Bristol!) – so we’ll look to our Wrigglers to tell us the places they love. After all, people feel great affinity with their favourite local pubs, coffee-shops or restaurants – so we want to bottle this love for local business to direct our growth into new cities…



The Chai Guy (Top) & Gopal’s Curry Shack (Bottom) at our Christmas Market

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2 thoughts on “A Little App with a Big Mission”

  1. A brilliant app/business idea with an equally awesome philosophy and cause. Do you plan to produce an app for windows phone in the future?


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