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Nordic-Scandi everything is fashionable right now. From Nordic Noir television to Fjällräven backpacks. And why wouldn’t it be? They’ve been due a moment since… the Vikings. However there’s still something rather mysterious about our Northern cousins. We’ve a lot more to learn about the birthplace of Roald Dahl and the inventors of skiing. They say you can always tell a lot about a culture by its food.

So, this Saturday Wriggle highly recommends a secret Nordic inspired supper club taking place in East London. This is the place to discover what Smörgåstårta and Swedish Sandwich Cake are, amongst other amazing culinary creations on the delicious tasting menu created by your hosts Martina and Magdalena, who are Norwegian-Italian and Polish. We had a quick chat with them to find out what makes their Norwegian feast, the M&M Supper Club, such a hit. 

Hey Martina & Magdalena. How’s it going? Very well thank you!

What inspired you to start the M&M supperclub? We’ve always been passionate about cooking which we discovered when we met in a previous job.  This led to selling our baked creations at various farmers markets and fairs, to hosting dinner parties for our friends. Having eventually overfed all our family and friends, we thought starting a supper club would be a great way of trying out our recipes on like-minded people, as well as meeting some really interesting characters!



What sort of things can you expect from the supperclub? With our Nordic inspired supper club we will hope to open people’s taste buds to new experiences. There’s a lot of flavours from northern wildlife like reindeer or elk – even humble chicken will come with a Nordic twist. Moreover, everyone on the table shares dishes and gets to try a variety of things – this is what Nordic dining is all about (don’t get scared we do use cutlery!). We also have a little quiz to do with our signature M&M ice-shots and conversation starters that will make everyone comfortable.

What do you love about Norwegian cuisine? I think Norwegian – and Nordic – cuisine is just the right mixture between fresh & healthy, and comforting food – although I guess I’m slightly biased!.  Everyone knows of the NOMA style food by now, but we love taking more traditional recipes and giving them a slight modern twist, using great quality ingredients.  We also love using the slightly more exotic ingredients so look out for our reindeer fillets and venison pasta!

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M&M Supper Club

Want to find out more about the M&M Supperclub? Head on over to their website, check out their Facebook page, or give them a follow on Twitter to stay well & truly in the loop. Keep your eye out for extra-special Nordic Wriggles real soon.

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