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If you’re suffering from frequent desires for hearty, winter warming feasts, or losing the plot without regular fixes of local music and artists then we know what’s wrong. You’ve got a terrible case of the January blues. The cure: a few hours at one of the Grounded cafes will certainly do the trick. So how do they get the ingredients just right? We caught Katie from Grounded to find out what makes them tick.

Hey Katie! Happy new year! How are things? Thank you! Things are ‘gert lush’ as we say in Bristol!

How was Christmas at Grounded? Christmas was frantic – we had loads of bookings for our festive menu, and there was a pretty shocking amount of mulled wine consumed by all.

What’s your role within the Grounded team? I look after the social media, marketing and promotion side of things.

For those who haven’t stopped by a Grounded before, what’s it all about? We opened in 2007 on Church Road in Redfield, with the aim of providing a hub for local residents to enjoy delicious food in a welcoming, relaxed environment. I think it’s safe to say we’ve succeeded!

Currently Grounded can be found all around Bristol, from Bedminster to the newly opened Keynsham, which is one of the great things about Grounded! Where abouts was the first Grounded opened?  Tobie, who owns Grounded, is also a property developer. He spent a lot of time at meetings in cafes, so when 287, Church Road in Redfield came up for sale, he jumped at the chance to start his own. There are now six cafes, all with a unique feel to them, carefully placed within local communities.

The Keynsham Grounded opened on the 3rd of January right? We’ll definitely be down to check it out. How was the launch? We had an insanely busy first weekend, with people queuing out of the door! Hopefully this will continue – Keynsham has such a lovely community, and we are thrilled to be at the heart of it.

Tell us a bit about the current menu at Grounded. What should we be checking out? Our menu changes with the seasons, so our Winter menu has some appropriately comforting grub, such as the slow-cooked lamb shank with dauphinoise potatoes, red wine and rosemary jus and a lovely Winter vegetable stew with cheddar dumplings.

Lamb shank

This might be a fairly tricky one but what’s your favourite part about Grounded? It’s great working with such a fantastic team. Everyone, from the baristas to the management, is approachable and friendly. We all have a common goal in mind: to provide the best experience possible for our customers.

You’re exceptionally conscious about locally sourced produce and all. How does Grounded go about finding the best ingredients possible? Have you found the perfect formula of perfect local stores? We have forged strong relationships with several local producers, including M.J. Dalton Butchers in Horfield, Herberts Bakery in Montpelier, Bath Ales, and Clifton Coffee Roasters. We can trust these suppliers to provide us with exceptional produce that ensures quality is maintained across all of our cafes.

You’re huge supporters of the Bristol Pound, and it’s a project we can’t get enough of! What’s the best part of being involved with such a project? We provide a service that allows people to exchange sterling for Bristol Pounds, then spend them on lunch! By using the Bristol Pound, you become part of a network of like-minded businesses and individuals committed to supporting the local economy.

Do you find the Bristol Pound project is growing in strength? Yes, definitely. It’s such an exciting, positive project that we’re really pleased to be part of.

Flowers on Tables meat pizza

Along with food, Grounded also hosts a range of events and promotes local artists. What sort of music can someone expect to catch in the Cafes? We showcase a range of music styles, from gypsy folk to flamenco guitar. All our musicians are local and perform original material.

We’re in need of some new music to get the new year started right. What Bristol musicians should we be checking out? Our current favourite band is ‘Kieran and the Iguanas’, who play a unique mix of afro, calypso and folk styles. They’re playing at Grounded Horfield on Monday 19th January, as it happens!

In the summer we Wriggled with you guys for a sausage and cider festival and it went down a treat!  Any events in the pipeline to wash away the January blues? We’re planning several events, including tapas tastings and Bristol Pound sign up evenings, and on top of this we have live music every week.

What’s the next big step for Grounded? Anything we should be keeping an eye out or are things slowing down a bit with the newly opened store? We have plans to expand and open several more cafes, but I can’t reveal any more than that!

When you’re not at Grounded, where do you usually head to unwind? It’s always a tough choice – living near Gloucester Road there are so many incredible cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from. My favourite café (other than Grounded of course!) is Katie and Kim’s Kitchen on Picton Street, and for an evening out it would have to be The Urban Standard on Gloucester Road.

Anything you’d like to add? Hope 2015 is a good year for Wriggle!

Pancakes 3

Want to find out more about the Grounded team & what they’ve got cooking? Check out their website to see where they can be found, give them a follow on Twitter or check out their Facebook page. Keep an eye out for Grounded Wriggles coming your way real soon.

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