2015 Green Capital

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Happy New Year Wrigglers, Us Bristolians are now the Green Capital of Europe, folks! It’s a real honour which places us in line with gloriously sustainable cities such as Copenhagen and Hamburg. GC is all about community integration and engagement; from educating the young to businesses pulling up their green socks, all should learn, engage and enjoy. Here’s a full schedule of events to delve into throughout the year. As an official Green Partnership Member, Wriggle is determined to play its part this year. This means helping an increasing number of righteous indie businesses to tackle their waste in all its shapes and forms. For instance, we regularly read about the vast amounts of saleable food that is wasted by businesses and households in the UK. Wriggle will be working with local businesses to help reduce this amount and provide a responsive solution to surplus stock. Funnily enough, you’re the solution. It’s your bum that fills that empty seat and your tastebuds that appreciate that extra meal. And what’s even better, it’s your wallet that’s helped by it. This is the easiest call to action. With Wriggle you spend less supporting local independents and helping them with their efficiency. Here’s to Bristol in 2015! Love, Rob Here’s a little something from the super talented Fuller to send in 2015 the right way: Want to see more from Fuller? Head on over to his website or follow his Twitter

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