Seasonal Sides: Lemon & Kale Gratin

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The Christmas period is winding down but no matter how much we eat, there’s always room for a little more! Avocado Please showed us how to make the perfect potato gratin with a twist of kale and lemon – a light refreshing treat after the exceptionally heavy indulgence of the last few days! Here’s the last of our seasonal side installment with Avocado Please. Happy New Year!

Taking layers of potato, herbs and leafy greens, dropping them into a tray and bathing them with a succulent creamy sauce is probably of the best things you can do. It’s just so wintery and satisfying! Even between the serious eating that goes down on Christmas Day itself, there’s still a series of parties, relaxed holiday down time and, of course, perpetual snacking to par-take in before you inevitably waddle back to work in January.

To strike a balance between the intestinal tearing from Christmas Day binging and the five day January juice cleanse, here’s our nourishing kale and lemon gratin that sits pleasantly in-between. The lemon shards, subtle fennel hues and the fresh sprinkles of dill really manage to marry well with the dense layers and rich sauce, whilst being a little bit more forgiving on your digestion. Another benefit of the gratin is the given freedom to make it hours in advance, pop it in the fridge and bake the beaut whenever you like! The guys over at Wriggle have had no problem finishing off our series of endless sides, and we hope you won’t either!

All the sides and all the love, from Wriggle & Avocado Please.

Gratin Recipe_Avocado Please



5 or 6 medium potatoes

2 lemons

300ml soy cream

250g kale

1 clove of garlic

3 tbl spoons of fennel seeds

3 tbl spoons of tarragon

large handful dill

kosher salt

cracked black pepper

Olive oil


Heat the oven to 400° F. Put the soy cream in a small heavy saucepan and peel and smash the garlic clove. Add it to the cream and then heat the cream over low heat until it just starts to bubble at the edges. Remove from the heat, add the tarragon and grate in the skin of the lemons, sprinkle with salt and let steep while you continue with the recipe.

Take your potatoes lemons slicing them into very fine layers, especially the lemons as they need to be as subtle as possible. Meanwhile, put the kale into a pot of boiling water and leave it to soak until limp. Drain it before the next stage.

Layer the potato and lemons into the baking dish, alternating lemon, potato and layers of kale, and fanning them into concentric, overlapping circles. Season generously with salt, pepper and fennel seeds.

Remove the garlic clove from the soy cream and pour it evenly over the dish. Drizzle the top with a generous amount of olive oil and salt, and bake for about 50 minutes, until the top is browned and bubbly and the layers yield easily when you poke them with a sharp knife. If the vegetables are tender but the top isn’t as brown as you’d like, turn on the broiler for a couple of minutes – watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn! Let the gratin cool for at least 5 minutes before serving. On serve sprinkle with a generous amount of dill.

Gratin_Avocado PleaseIMG_4523

AvocadoPleaseLogoParis is the genius behind vegan and lifestyle blog Avocado Please. Exploring cities, cooking up a mighty storm and talking all things wellness, it’s one of those blogs you can lose yourself for hours browsing and discussing. Her recipes are absolutely fantastic and we had an incredible time shooting this series of posts with her. There’s a lot more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Want to see more from Avocado Please? Head on over to here website, check out here Facebook or follow her on Twitter to stay well and truly engaged with vegan treats, interviews and plenty more.

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