Seasonal Sides: Sweet Sprouts

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It’s been a hefty Christmas. We’ve all had our fill but just you wait…more food is round the corner. Fear not! Avocado Please is here to save all of us this Boxing Day with some light, sweet & refreshing Seasonal Treats.

One way to take the edge of the festive Brussel sprout is by pairing them with sweet counterparts – one of my favourite additions is the orange. By roasting the sprouts with sweet, juicy oranges allows for the natural sweet goodness to penetrate every layer, making them a lot more palatable and preventing any drying. Along with the orange; the addition of sugar and coconut oil slightly caramelises them in the ovens heat, while also ensuring a crispy glaze. Adding sweetness to a festive dinner is nothing new, but hopefully this recipe will remove some BS-anxiety for some – team them with leftovers in a wrap or sandwich and see how they fairthis Christmas.

Sweet Sprouts_Avocado PleaseSweet Sprouts_Avocado Please


Serves 4.



Remove the sprouts from the tree, discarding any outer shells and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Put the oven to 150 degrees and place the sprouts in a baking tray or dish. Add your coconut oil and sugar evenly; then grate the rind of a whole orange over the sprouts (be generous here). Slice the orange and squeeze it’s juice over the dish; again be generous, adding any segments to the dish if there’s space. Pop the cranberries on top and massage the ingredients together with hands. Cover the dish with tin foil.

Leave the bake for around 30 minutes, removing the foil after twenty; it’s important not to over cook, being slightly al-dente is forgiving with this dish. Once done, remove from the oven and add a generous pinch of salt for serve (I like to salt on serve, so the flavour isn’t lost in cooking).


Sweet Sprouts_Avocado PleaseSweet Sprouts_Avocado Please

Hope you all ace Christmas Day. Bring on the Boxing Day treats!

From all of us at Wriggle & the one and only Avocado Please

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