Seasonal Sides: Grown-Up Mejool Nibbles

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Our next Wriggle X Avocado Please recipe hits you right in the sweet tooth. Without further ado, let’s get cooking!


So far in our Series of Sides we’ve concentrated on the wholesome goodness of vegetables and the various ways that they can easily be incorporated with a variety of festive menus. However, that seems silly when so much of the eatings that occurs over Christmas is high on the sweet scale. So, because we’re so considerate, we’ve whipped up a little sweet treat that’s not completely sinful, but still very delicious!

Mejool dates are -in my opinion- ridiculously delicious and basically natures gift of natural toffee. Not only are they delicious, they’re also fairly festive; and, for me, that sugary explosion is just divine. Like most fruits, they’re very low in fat and are great for digestion, in addition to being jam-packed with fibre and iron. So, overall, they’re a pretty excellent starting block.

In this recipe I’ve paired them with rich, dark chocolate, as the natural bitterness of the chocolate really balances the sweetness of the date; coupled with the saltier crunch of the pistachio makes them pretty and tasty in fairly equal measures. I did consider dusting the dates with sea salt too, as I feel that would also help balance the richness and natural gooey texture – but in the end I didn’t. Maybe next time.

As the name suggests, I do feel they’re possibly more appropriate for grown-up’s. But, like anything, there’s really no reason why they couldn’t be coated with milk chocolate and hazelnut. Whatever, just have fun. And whatever you do, remember to REALLY crush your nuts.

Merry grazing!

Love, Wriggle & Avocado Please

Avocado Please + Wriggle - Choc Date Pistachio

Designed by The Indie Broccoli

IMG_4371 IMG_4376 IMG_4381


Paris is the genius behind vegan and lifestyle blog Avocado Please. Exploring cities, cooking up a mighty storm and talking all things wellness, it’s one of those blogs you can lose yourself for hours browsing and discussing. Her recipes are absolutely fantastic and we had an incredible time shooting this series of posts with her. There’s a lot more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Want to see more from Avocado Please? Head on over to here website, check out here Facebook or follow her on Twitter to stay well and truly engaged with vegan treats, interviews and plenty more.


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