The Halloween Hitlist

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When the streets are clear of trick or treaters and Bristol plunges into darkness, that’s when Halloween truly begins. The city before you transforms into a haunted nightmare as Zombies roam the roads, pumpkins flicker in glum corners and the faces of your friends become distorted with fearful passion. So…what’s the plan of action? You could flee the scene, learn a thing or two from your Shaun of the Dead DVD and wait for all of this to blow over. Or, better still, you could join them? Here’s just a pinch of inspiration from a cauldron of eerie events this halloween…

Hangfire Presents: Trick or Treat

For the third year in a row, Hangfire are bringing Bristol a night of street art, spooky beats and a dash of insanity. And they’re certainly upping the ante with a fresh location; grapple into the depths of St. John’s Crypt on Nelson Street for some serious scares.

So what can you expect? Well, there’ll be art from some of the legends of the urban art scene including Sickboy, 45rpm, Richt, AllTypeNoFace, Kate Prior and Mr Jago, along with some adventurous attention to detail when decking out the venue. For fancy dress, you’re sure to see something that little bit special, with prizes for the best costume. Believe us when we say this is one place you’re guaranteed to avoid cat-faced characters and brain-dead zombies. Of course, each to their own. But if you want something a little off the grid, this is for you. A halloween experience unlike any other. Oh yeah – and there’s an after party at the Christmas Steps if you need a strong drink to settle the nerves.

Head on over to their Facebook Event or website to find out more and see some photos from previous years!


Halloween at the Playground

Picture the scene. An empty swing, swaying back and forth in the fog. The saddle is empty. The wind is still. Ghostly apparition you say? Perhaps. Although it might just be the caffeine soaking into the woodwork. Yep…that’s right. Playground Coffee House are having a Halloween party!

Playground is staying up late to bathe in the light of the moon for an extra special one off event, transforming into something much more harrowing than its gentle daytime demeanour. What was once the home of old board-games and magazines will play host to an array of local DJs with a thirst for Halloween thrills. Alcoholic drinks and a fine selection of teas and coffees will be served all night, along with snacks and pizza to keep the spirits pleased.

Jeepers creepers – keep those peepers peeled for exclusive tickets on Wriggle! But if you really can’t keep those claws still, you can snatch tickets right now on Eventbrite. Tickets get you a free cocktail (or a coffee) on entry to loosen up the limbs. It’s going to be a riot.


Noche Negra: Day of the Dead Fiesta

Pata Negra’s evil twin, Noche Negra, has something sneaky planned this Halloween. It’s scheming to take you far away from Bristol and into the heart of Mexico. The Day of the Dead is upon us and Noche Negra is embracing it with a welcoming grimace. We’re talking cocktails, tonnes of tequila, costumes, more tequila, bar snacks, and of course a little bit more tequila. DJ Suzuki will be spinning some freaky funk and halloween hits to keep you shaking those bones from the witching hour until the light of dawn (but we recommend any vampires leave before this time to avoid some serious sunburn).

Tickets are available to buy over at Eventbrite right now which includes a free tequila cocktail on entry. But remember the sinister powers of tequila. Remember, tequila, tequila…the memory stealer. You have been warned.

Noche Negra

Scribble ‘N’ Scream: The Canteen

The Canteen always knows how to throw a party. Halloween is certainly no exception to the rule. So this Friday you know you can expect something special. Prepare yourself for entertainment, live art and fiery tracks from demon DJs Wonkinson and Boundski. Presented by H.A.S.H Bristol, Scribble ‘N’ Scream unifies Halloween horrors and Bristol’s alternative Culture to create something truly unique.

If you want somewhere full of life that still promises a hoard of the undead, then this is the place for you. Our crystal ball tells us this is going to be a popular choice for witches, werewolves and mummies alike so get in there before nightmare pursues! There’s also going to be a pumpkin competition carve up a storm this week if you can muster it. The scarier the better. You might just win a treat from the Canteen.

What’s more, the event is free! Head on over to the Facebook event to find out more.


Keep it creepy. Head on over to Spotify and check out our Halloween playlist, guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and get the dead skanking.

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