FCP: The Friendliest of the Bunch

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We all like service with a smile and that’s one thing you get from local, independent businesses. The people behind the counter get into what they do because they love it; they have a passion that’s spurred on their creative ambition. This plays a huge part in their success and keeps people heading back their way before wandering into a high-street chain. That’s why Olivia, blogger over at Golden Pulse, has come up with a genius plan. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the brand new Wriggle awards which recognises the “Friendliest Businesses” in Bristol and beyond! Here’s what Olivia has to say…

About the awards

In Bristol, we’re spoilt for choice with eateries, coffee houses and bars, and a huge variety of venues from pop-up kitchens to fine dining restaurants. In fact, the thought of the sheer variety of local businesses delivering outstanding food and drink to the people of Bristol is making me salivate! As all good consumers are aware, the recipe for success involves not only a good product to graze or sip on but also a friendly face behind the service – I think it’s about time we recognised this!

This month’s winner…

Without further ado, I now name the winners of November’s Friendliest Business of the Month – Full Court Press. Full Court Press might as well be called ‘Friendly Coffee People’ because each barista makes it their mission to provide the finest service.

Coffee is a powerful symbol in the modern world – it’s an investment in your wellbeing.  It provides the boost to get you through the sleepy early-week. On Fridays – when the week’s been long – it’s a badge of honour in making it through the thick of it! And when you get there, nothing is more deserved than a Saturday morning coffee. So yes, that might possibly qualify as a coffee addiction – but with these guys round the corner it’s difficult not to keep coming back!



Why Full Court Press?

When I checked in over the weekend, Dave and Rosie were working flat out serving the never-ending stream of Saturday afternoon customers. During a quiet lull before 5pm, Dave was explaining how the coffee beans rotate between 2-7 days depending on the demand for the coffee and whether you’re after an espresso blend or filter. The coffee board displays around 4 different coffees and each coffee is dangerously different. For instance, today one coffee boasts flavours of anise while another has a slight hint of figs. It’s this extensive and fluent coffee board that sells it to me; I trust the flavours they attribute to each coffee bean and can’t help but nod in agreement as I sip my takeaway brew.


The service is spot on. It’s not the robotic smiles of the big coffee chains. The FCP bunch are very much of the attitude ‘You’re here because you need a coffee? Here have this you’ll love it’. They take pride in their coffee and it comes across as they reel off their favourite coffee or explain how Patrick Stewart once popped in. With a 5 star Trip Advisor rating, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s all about coffee served with consideration and smiles… after all, if it’s good enough for Patrick Stewart then it’s good enough for me!



You can find out more about Full Court Press over on their website, but to get the full idea, go there and buy a coffee! Alternatively, give them a like and follow in the social media world.


Olivia is a Bristol blogger and all round chatterbox, working full time in a busy digital agency and has an appreciation for technology. In her spare time, Olivia manages her website Golden Pulse which focuses on her love of art, music, running and food.

Head on over to Golden Pulse to see more of her fine work, or stay in the loop over on Facebook.

Photographs taken by Daniel Waller. flickr.

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