ABDW: Kate Brundrett, from Picnic Cinema

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A brief discussion with Kate Brundrett, from Picnic Cinema.

What’s your role in Picnic Cinema? Letting people know about the amazing thing that Picnic Cinema is.

What’s your hometown? Penrith, but we love Bristol!

Tell us a bit about the Picnic Cinema. What’s it all about? Well, it’s not just a film but a whole experience – live band and entertainment, quiz, games, everyone dresses up. It’s more like a mini festival rather than a film showing, for people who like a party!

Where did the idea come from? Our man Adrian.

How long does it usually take you to get the event organised? We imagine one of the hardest parts is finalising a film, or does the whole team often naturally agree? We throw about film choices a lot and put suggestions on our Facebook page for people to feed back on; there’s a lot of banter on the Facebook page (and loads of pics of people dressing up from previous gigs)!


We’re pretty intrigued by the location. How did you stumble across this one? Leigh Woods is ACE, an amazing location for both films and particularly The Hunger Games. The National Trust have been great to work with, we knew it’d be a good thing.

Tell us about the tour, these are the final dates! Where are the most interesting places you have been? We’ve been all over England in castles, courtyards and forests. But The Shining at Muncaster Castle was a highlight of the tour, and Robin Hood – Men in Tights at Sherwood Forest.

Your ‘Idiots Guide’ is quite comprehensive! Are there unusual things cine-goers have brought along with them that you might recommend or maybe even discourage? Their grannies?! A chair is useful and warm stuff – it’s always colder than you think… 

Finally, anything exciting lined-up for the future? Or is Picnic Cinema just where you want it to be? We always have surprises up our sleevies… Subscribers hear about things first!

Catch Picnic Cinema doing their thing in Bristol this Friday & Saturday. Tickets are available from their website now, but keep an eye on their Facebook & Twitter accounts to stay fully in the loop!

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