ABDW: Chris Scullion and Christian Morrish, from Independent Spirit of Bath

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A brief discussion with Chris Scullion and Christian Morrish, from Independent Spirit of Bath.

What are your specific roles? If we actually had job descriptions that may ruin part of the fun of it. We like to think of ourselves as spiritual advisors.

What’s your hometown? For Christian, Cornwall would be his spiritual home having shaken, strained and stirred with the best mixologists in Cornwall. He is however a local boy to Bath through and through. Chris spent many years in Scotland working for The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Gleneagles and some of Edinburghs top cocktail haunts.

Tell us a bit about Independent Spirit. What’s the story about it? Independent Spirit of Bath was the culmination of many years of experience on our part. The shop came into being following a discussion about where to find the products we wanted to buy and the desire to do more than just the usual drinks offering. A combination of internal and external events/tastings married with a constant rotation of products keeps us excited about what we stock and gives us a stage to interact with our customers and guests like no one else can.

When you’re choosing drinks for your stock, how do you go about it? Anything specific you’re after? Anything that interests us! We receive a lot of samples and get to try really unusual stuff, but it really comes down to us wanting to share it with our customers. That’s what makes it on the shelves. For spirits, it’s always been about enjoying, engaging and entertaining about the wonders and intricacies of new and unusual spirits that keeps us passionate about it.


Where does your love for drinks stem from? I think we are both agreed that it was cheap and nasty mass produced beer. We live in a time where UK craft breweries and in particular the ones in the SW are leading the way in the world brewing stakes.

So this might be a tricky one but of all the drinks you stock, do you have a personal favourite? For Chris, whisky. We have some cracking american whiskies and one of our favourites is an indian whisky at the moment. For Christian, gin is the tipple of choice with Monkey 47 being a clear favourite. 47% and 47 different hand picked botanicals from the black forest in Germany.

You host regular tasting nights right? We hold our tasting events both internally in our tasting room downstairs or externally in venues across bath.

Any events lined up that we should stop by for? We have some great events lined up including cocktail masterclasses, specialist whisky tastings, rum, gin, craft beer and many more topics. We have a tequila tasting coming up next month that looks set to be an absolute blinder given how popular the last one was.

When you’re not busy selling some mighty fine drinks, where do you usually head to in Bath to wind down? Anywhere we should check out for great drinks? Our favourite place for a beer has to be Bath brew house, a brewpub here in bath with some great events. For a great night out off the beaten track we have beside us here in Terrace walk, Sleight Magic Bar – a great venue with live magic shows every weekend.

Any future plans for yourself or Independent Spirit? World Domination perhaps? All we can say is watch this space… Especially if you like whisky!

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