ABDW: Ariel Czackers, from Biblos

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Founded and run by the charming Ariel and William, Biblos caters a delightful mix of Middle Eastern and Caribbean flavours in simple, well presented dishes made to order. Expect big flavours and fresh stock in its unique flat bread sandwich wraps, served with a smile. We love that there’s a concerted effort to provide home-made food sourced from local suppliers, with an emphasis on seasonal produce.

Name: Ariel Czackers

Occupation: Flavour Wizard & co- owner of Biblos.

Hometown: Wheatley (outside Oxford).

Hi Ariel, as a Flavour Wizard, what’s your favourite food at the moment? I love anything slow cooked, beef cheeks are a real favourite at the moment.

What about a favourite beverage? I’d say coconut water. I just feel so good when I drink it! I can feel the health.

Tell us about Biblos. What’s the big idea? The idea behind Biblos is to bring the best bits of Middle Eastern and Caribbean street food together in one tasty, convenient package. This is combined with an easy going modern attitude. Everybody can feel comfortable walking in. Also it was important for us to get the consistency right. We want people to rely on us. Your halloumi wrap should taste the same now as it does tomorrow, and next month, and next year, and in ten years.

What do you recommend to a newcomer? My favourite Biblos offering is the falafel. It’s my pride and joy, the original recipe was passed to me by my father.


That’s what we like to hear! So where do you see Biblos in the future? I see Biblos opening a few more outlets around the city, maybe we’ll venture out towards Bath or Stroud. We want to grow, but at a controlled pace where we can keep on top of the developments and maintain quality. I would also like us to have established ourselves as the premier specialists in festival food offerings.

So what’s good about being a foodie in Bristol? I love the scene in Bristol, there’s so much choice and people are really passionate about what they do.

What are your personal favourite joints around town? My favourite place for food is the Townhouse on Whiteladies Road. I love it, I love it, I love it! 3 courses for £10! I have been going almost nowhere else for ages and I’m still amazed at how great the food is for the money. My favourite bar/pub/entertainment place is The Bell. It’s the best pub in Stokes Croft by a mile. You can have a dance, enjoy good selection of whisky and relax. The garden’s nice too.

Biblos debut on Wriggle this Sunday (3rd August). Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and check out their website.

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