ABDW: Katie Brokenshire, from The Runcible Spoon

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A brief discussion with Katie Brokenshire, Bar Manager and Director at The Runcible Spoon.

What’s your hometown? London.

What brought you guys to Bristol? Jessica and I moved around a fair bit before settling here 6 years ago, my first job was at The Rummer which is where we met Greg, the head chef and 3rd director.

Tell us a bit about The Runcible Spoon! What’s the story behind it? We actually lived four doors down from the Runcible when it opened 3 years ago and always joked that one day we would own a place like this. As luck would have it our friend in Australia just so happened to be on Gumtree Bristol and sent us the link – a dream come true!

What is it like coming from the Sourdough Cafe to your new restaurant? It’s a whole different world! It was an outdoor, cupboard cafe – physically demanding and cold in the winter but, at the same time, it was the best job.

Anything you miss from the cafe scene or are you able to incorporate everything you love into The Runcible Spoon? We really miss everything about the Sourdough and wish we could have taken the whole market with us! There was never a dull day but we must move onwards and upwards and Stokes Croft has been so kind in welcoming us; new challenges and experiences are a great thing.


The food is absolutely incredible, even just aesthetically! Anything you’ve been meaning to prepare and put on the menu that we might see in the future? Ah you’d have to speak to Greg about that – a chef’s mind is very complex, we never know what he’s going to make next, but isn’t that more exciting? Very exciting things are happening on the bar though, with happy hours and an ever changing cocktail menu; you can enjoy premium spirits without the price tag.

Any exhibitions or events lined up for the summer we should check out? We’ve a fairly quiet summer ahead and are considering closing for a portion of August but follow us on social media for updates.

When you’re not bustling around The Runcible Spoon, where’s your favourite spot in Bristol to unwind? I have a lurcher cross german shepherd and she takes up most of my spare time so I like to head to Leigh Woods with the dog and my running shoes.

Any big plans in the pipeline for yourself or The Runcible Spoon? We’ve only been open for two months so at the moment we are just finding our feet but hope to be going full steam ahead by this time next year!

Find The Runcible Spoon on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the goings on down there. Keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic Wrigglers heading that way very soon!

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