ABDW: Charlie, from Charlie’s Bar

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A brief discussion with Charlie, owner and operator at Charlie’s Bar.

What’s your hometown? London.

What led you to Bristol? I had just quit my job in London to focus full time on opening a bar and a friend of mine, who lives here, was driving back from London to Bristol that weekend. He invited me along so I grabbed a bin liner full of clothes and set up camp on his sofa with the intention of only being in Bristol for the weekend. 2 months later and still on his sofa I decided I should probably just admit that I lived in Bristol now and got myself a place. The city has a great way of holding on to people and I would find it very hard to leave after having such a great time here.

Tell us a bit about Charlie’s Bar! What’s the story behind it? Whilst couch surfing my way round Clifton I got a job working in the club above where the bar currently is. Whenever I had the chance to pop in I would try and make mental notes of everything as I wanted the bar I was going to open to be just like it – when I heard it was available I jumped at the chance and found myself in negotiations for the bar I had wanted all along!

What’s the best thing about having your own place? It would have to be a tie between the satisfaction seeing people having a good time and doing the work I love.


We mustn’t forget to talk about Luigi. Tell us a bit about him! Haha it seems like a lot of people come to the bar to see him and not me anymore! I suppose it was inevitable! He’s a 1 year old Labradinger (Labrador/Springer Spaniel) who makes himself at home in the bar, whether he’s sleeping on customers laps or chasing his tail. He’s pretty well behaved, although he once ate £400 of my girlfriends rent money – that didn’t go down too well!

Any places we should be checking out? I’m really keen to try out the Japanese restaurant that is opening in my building (where Créole Brassiere used to be).

Any future plans & projects? We have a few one off nights coming up at the bar this summer and even the odd gaming Sunday (I just found my old N64 with Goldeneye and Mario Kart so I’m looking for an excuse to hook it up to the bar projector). We’ll put stuff up on Facebook when it’s announced.

Find Charlie’s Bar on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the goings on down there. Keep your eyes out for some fantastic Wrigglers heading that way very soon!

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